Save Money and Energy This Year

Eversource is helping Massachusetts customers save with no-cost virtual Home Energy Assessments.

  • With our no-cost virtual Home Energy Assessment, youll work remotely with an Energy Specialist to discover energy-saving opportunities around your home. As part of this no-cost home energy program, you'll receive a custom report that includes your recommended next steps and the incentives available, such as:

    • Air sealing at no cost, so that warm or cool air won’t escape your home
    • 75% or more off the cost of approved insulation improvements to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home
    • Attractive rebates on heating, cooling, and water heating equipment upgrades
    • You may also apply for 0% HEAT Loan financing for certain eligible upgrades

    After your assessment is completed, you'll receive no-cost, energy-saving products mailed to your home, including LED light bulbs, advanced power strips, and smart thermostats.

    HOMEOWNERS/LANDLORDS, fill out the form
    or call 844-887-1400.

    RENTERS, click here to get started.

    Customers who meet household income guidelines may be eligible for additional offers through the Income Eligible and Enhanced Residential programs.

    To see if you qualify, use the chart below. If you qualify for the Enhanced Residential Program, please fill out the form. If you qualify for the Income Eligible Program, you can find the agency serving your area by clicking here.

    Number of Household Members Annual Household Income
      Income Eligible Program Enhanced Residential Program
    1 < $39,105 $39,106  $52,140
    2 < $51,137 $51,138  $68,183
    3 < $63,169 $63,170  $84,225
    4 < $75,201 $75,202  $100,268
    5 < $87,233 $87,234  $116,311
    6 < $99,265 $99,266  $132,353
    7 < $101,521 $101,522  $135,361
    8 < $103,777 $103,778  $138,369
    9 < $106,033 $106,034  $141,377

Fill out the form below if you have Eversource gas, or if you have Eversource electric and heat with a fuel source other than gas. If you are a renter, click here.

National Grid or Berkshire Gas customers and those customers who live on Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard, please call 866-527-SAVE.